Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unfolding Passion

Growing up, I never thought I would be working in the teaching line. I remember I decided to be a doctor from 12 years of age and the dream continued until I was in my lower 6 form (18 years old).

My life changed then

As I skimmed through the "Doctor Job" guidebook, I stumbled upon occupational therapy. Then I realise, THIS is what I have actually wanted to be. Basically wanting to be a doctor for me is simply wanting to be able to diagnose and treat people. After the golden moment of realisation, I then realise I could be something more than just diagnosing and treating people, I would be able to get myself even more engage personally with the patients.

However upon completion of STPM, in the UPU form, I applied for physiotherapy, thinking that I actually read on physiotherapy but not on physiotherapy in the "Doctor Job" guidebook. Regret sank in as I anticipated a disappointing future.

No regrets

Having been a lecturer for 2 months now, I realise I love it more day by day. I have told myself that to be a clinician would always be my first preference but after tonight, I changed my mind. Upon leaving my job as a clinician in December 2011, the sadness was felt as treating patients while establishing a personal bond with them, is something that I know I would dearly miss and I realise now I do. They are not just patients to me, they are almost as good as family. From a one-way caring relationship becomes a two-way caring relationship with them persistently showing their support for my decisions and showing compassion whenever I was in a predicament.

Now as a lecturer, I never thought I would come home smiling when thinking about my students. My desires are clearly to build the profession of physiotherapy in Malaysia and I believe the best way is for me to shape this future rehab specialists into what I believe would be a patchwork of intelligence and corrected errors. Within my transient period of practise, I realise various pores in the grounds of Malaysian physiotherapists' practise that could be filled with evidence-based practise, with pure compassion and with the perseverance to discharge patients. I believe room for refinement is of vast capacity, and by showing true love towards my students, they would be able to see my intentions to build them is my utmost priority.

I could only share with them on what I have been through but the real challenge is to have them experience and overcome what they have been trained to overcome. I realise with this small age gap between my students and myself, it is of great advantage to me as the potential source of lecturer-intimidation towards them should be of minimal level for self-expression. I only hope for them to be working very hard for I hope they realise that I am someone who works more than the extend of their sight, and it's purely for their future and the future of the profession and for the smallest future of myself. I could only pray for their confidence to stand up to other professions, to be able to be erected as a great physiotherapist and to be respected as an analytical physiotherapist.

After attending the event organised by the students tonight, I would have to express my gratitude to all present, for making me love more of what I do and for making me love all of you more than I thought possible.

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